FIG helps fund the organizations that provide services in every county in Florida

Woman Helping Senior Man To Complete Last Will And Testament At Home

FIG makes Public Guardianship possible. But what do Public Guardians do?

They protect the well-being and rights of the most vulnerable among us.

In Florida, Public Guardians serve as the court-appointed legal representative for people who have no one else. They are adults who are indigent and declared incapacitated by a court (usually based on being elderly/frail or developmentally disabled or mentally ill) and have no family members, friends, or other person, bank, or corporation willing and qualified to serve as their guardian or guardian advocate.

To attempt to meet the great need for services in Florida, Public Guardians require funding beyond what the state budgets for these purpose. As a direct-support organization,  FIG operates the FPGPSNT and accepts charitable contributions that are passed along through various award opportunities.

The current list of Florida public guardian offices, with detailed contact information, is available here.

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